Dedicated EA

Executive Assistance

The Jewel in your crown

Engaging executive assistance will allow you to focus on what you do best.

Dedicated EA will assist you in effectively achieving your objectives by providing exceptional levels of executive assistance support. We will flawlessly become part of your business, building relationships for long term added value and success for all. You will receive a unique service based on your individual requirements.

Your Dedicated EA


Efficiently arrange your meetings and team events. Organise your day, week, month and year. Forward plan your schedule with reminders to ensure deadlines are met and you are always prepared in advance.


Monitor and manage your emails ensuring your actions are not missed. Prepare financial documentation to ensure you have a streamlined business. Set up your email systems efficiently and resolve any hiccups ensuring you have no loss of business function.


Professionally create your presentations, prepare reports and process correspondence on your behalf ensuring that all your documentation is of the highest quality enhancing your business credibility.


Research and arrange your travel identifying efficient routes and services to provide you with time and cost effective solutions. Action your unexpected travel changes allowing you to focus on your business purpose.


Assist you in building relationships with your teams, clients and suppliers and provide you with a trusted sounding board to share your concerns and exchange ideas.


Provide a continuous dedicated point of contact for your business. Your emails and calls will be handled efficiently when you are in meetings, travelling or on holiday ensuring you have no backlog on your return to the office.


Delegate your tasks to your Dedicated EA safe in the knowledge they will be completed efficiently and effectively on your behalf allowing you to focus and develop other areas of your business.


Screen your telephone calls and complete actions on your behalf reducing your workload. Engage social media to assist you in developing and promoting your business presence online.

Why Us?

Experience the added value of engaging effective executive assistance.

Access to your own dedicated Executive Assistant with a commitment to excellence in all areas of work to assist you in effectively managing your day and allowing you freedom to focus on your core business activities.

  • Your Executive Assistant will integrate into your business virtually.
  • A professional extension of your business - your voice, representing you.
  • A unique flexible service personalised to suit your individual requirements.
  • A gatekeeper to protect and manage your valuable time and a sounding board for those difficult decisions.
  • Immediate added value for you in the time that you save.
  • Secure, trusted business systems compliant with governance standards.
  • High levels of integrity, tact & diplomacy with confidentiality of service paramount.


Rt Hon Professor Paul Burstow FRSA

Senior Adviser, Professor, Serial Chair

"Appointing Dedicated EA is one of the best decisions I have ever made. They put a professional face on everything I do. They make it possible for me to juggle my busy portfolio and make the best use of my time."

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